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How To Use Inhaler With Spacer Child Asthma Uk

To use your inhaler with a spacer using a tidal breathing technique: First, hold your inhaler upright and take the cap off. Check there’s nothing inside the mouthpiece. Shake the inhaler well. If your spacer has a valve, make sure the valve is facing upwards. Put your inhaler into the hole at the.

2. Check your child’s using the right inhaler and spacer/facemask. As your child gets bigger, the asthma inhaler (s) and spacer/facemask they need to use will change. Using the wrong device for their size and stage of development will mean they’re not. Top tips for helping your child use a spacer. Sit your child on your lap, either sideways or facing away from you. When you’ve finished, take the inhaler out of the spacer, and replace the caps on both. If your child has used an inhaler that contains steroids, make sure they rinse their mouth out with water to help prevent side effects.

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