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Throughout his life and in the beginning years of college, Ken Nguyen felt that he was living a life without purpose, devoid of any direction or passion, a life not guided by any overarching objective or meaning.
While struggling with these feelings of aimlessness during college, he changed his major multiple times from being undeclared, to computer engineering, to computer information systems, and even supply chain business for a brief period.
It was during this time of feeling lost, that Ken found fitness. He started working out between classes and found the gym to be a place of escape. A place to ‘check-in’, as a way to ‘check out’ of the world. It was because of this that he was interested in working in health & fitness and started his first job in the industry as a Personal Trainer.
One Sunday afternoon Ken received a call from one of his personal training clients. While crying and in an emotional state, he thanked Ken for changing his life. After losing 70 pounds with Ken's guidance and direction- his parents had said how proud they were of him for taking control of his health and veering off the path of obesity. This one phone call made an immediate impact on Ken and it was then that he finally knew his true calling and purpose in life.
The very next day he scheduled an appointment with his academic advisor and changed his college major one last time. Two years later, he graduated with his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition from the University of Houston, while also obtaining multiple certifications with nationally accredited fitness organizations.
Ken devoted the next 7 years of his life to educating and serving the fitness community. While simultaneously running his independent consulting company and helping his own personal clients, he also worked as a Master Personal Trainer, and Department Head of Fitness for many corporate fitness companies, including Fitness 19, 24 Hour Fitness, and Lifetime Fitness- overseeing the development of the personal training departments in Houston, Katy, and Austin, Texas. His direct and indirect impact has been recognized through his achievements and awards earned throughout his career, as well as through the countless hundreds of individuals that have improved their quality of life from his holistic health and fitness consulting.
He has since left his corporate fitness career and is now the acting Chief Executive Officer for YouKenGetFit.

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