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Client & Business Testimonials


Even though I've only worked with Ken for a short period of time- I have experienced quality workouts that hits all areas of fitness. Cardio has been a weak point and not a goal of mine but Ken understood that I needed to maintain my cardiovascular health to improve my overall health and wellbeing. He is very intelligent and easy to understand during his video consultations. He also really spends time to understand your own goals and what workouts make you feel your best and caters to your needs very well. I highly recommend him to those starting out or those with experience and want more guidance.

-Ky N.


I was coming off of a decently long break from working out during Covid-19 when I first dove into the closed alpha test launch with youkengetfit. I had some difficulties initially, but through a one on one video call with Ken and some messaging, Ken quickly tweaked my workouts and helped me get going in the right direction. Their fitness app has many great features, whether it be the structured workouts with video/written instructions on each individual workout, the educational PDFs that Ken sends out, or the to-do list that helps you stay on top of your daily routines. There are a lot more features that I have yet to try myself but I am looking forward to continuing the program and seeing my progress and getting to the next level. 

Overall, I’ve been pretty impressed with the services that are available at the price point that I am paying. The monthly fitness box with gear and other goodies is icing on the cake.

-Micah S.


Hiring Ken and working with YouKenGetFit has been the best decision I've made for my fitness & health. He's extremely accommodating, motivating, and knowledgeable of anything regarding fitness. Without him I'd still be one of those guys that think they know what they're doing but don't.


There are many lifts that I believed I was doing correctly for years, but he pointed out several mistakes in every one that were limiting growth and increasing risk of injury. I've learned a lot about diet and optimal macros for muscle growth and sustenance as well.


Ken takes great care of you -- keeping close track of your macros based off your body's reactions, and writing exact workout routines down to the very weight, set, and rep numbers.


I am super thankful to be his client!

-Harrison "Psalm" Chang of Dignitas Esports

Ken is absolutely the best personal trainer I have had. Prior to working with Ken I had worked with a handful of other trainers who I felt didn't have my wants, needs and fitness goals as their client as a priority. I had almost given up on personal training until I met Ken. After only working with Ken a few months my progress has been amazing. My goals are being reached and only getting bigger thanks to Ken. When we started Ken listened to what I WANTED and created a program to help me achieve that goal. He follows up with me weekly to ensure that I'm staying on track and things are progressing the way they should be. He also makes himself very available outside of our weekly scheduled meetings.

There have been numerous times I've had a question or concern and when I've gone to Ken, His response time is quick and thorough. I am so excited to continue working with him and seeing myself grow both physically and mentally . Ken makes training feel like a team effort , Like WE are working towards a goal together which is definitely something admirable. I would highly recommend Ken to any person seeking to take their health and fitness to the next level in a HEALTHY , supportive way.

-Tara H.

Hiring Ken as my trainer is one of the best decisions I've ever made in life. Not only is he proficiently knowledgeable in his field, but goes above and beyond in the genuine care he gives to each individual client.

A life of sitting all day in combination with improper lifting technique consigned me to nagging lower back pain on a daily basis. Normal actions such as bending down or sitting on the floor would make me hesitant, out of fear of triggering the pain. I was ready to accept that this was normal now, and I would just have to bear out the pain for the rest of my life. Working with Ken, I was able to rehabilitate my lower back to a point where I can for the first time say I am pain free for the first time after several years, and I'll always be grateful for that alone.


But like I previously stated, Ken goes above and beyond. In addition to helping with my recovery, he provided scientifically backed exercise and nutritional advice every step of the way. I am genuinely impressed by Ken's plethora of knowledge, his remarkable work ethic, and his charismatic personality. I look forward to every session we have together, and would recommend him for anyone struggling with their weight, physique, or fitness in general.

-Jim C.


Ken is not only a great manager, but a great person as well. He is always looking out for the best interest of the company but also wants to see each and every employee succeed in their job and life. Ken always takes time out of his day for any of the employees at 24 hour fitness to help them wherever he can. He has taken myself, the Assistant Fitness Manager, under his wing and shown me how to be a great and successful leader. I had only known Ken for a couple of months before he gave me an opportunity to take on the role with no prior management experience knowing that I was willing to learn and give it everything I had. Having Ken to learn from has been nothing short of great with his willingness to teach and see you succeed. He has successfully turned a fitness club from one of the worst performing into one of the best, being ranked as high as #3 in the entire company in the last month. You can always expect Ken to treat you with the highest quality. It is a pleasure to work alongside him running this business.

-Daniel M. (Business)


I've worked out for about 5 years now and I've never gotten a personal trainer because I was shown how to work out by many of my gym-rat buddies. However, I had the pleasure of being able to attend school with Ken and was always able to see continuous progress in his own body. I've seen his other clients' progress and they came a LONG way from where they were. I asked him for advice and he assured me that he would get me to where I wanted to be. That is when I decided to hire him on as my nutritionist.


Every week he would calculate my macros and tell me what I could eat to hit those numbers. I continued to work out pretty normally with only a bit of advice from him as far as my routine. By the end of my month with him, I felt better than I ever did. And what's so amazing is that I hardly ever did cardio. Ken knew my deep hatred for cardio and told me I would not have to run everyday, SCORE. Although, he did recommend some would do me good. I advise that you trust in him. When he tells you to eat more, you eat more and when he tells you to eat less, you eat less. If I stuck with him longer and followed his workouts to the T, I would definitely be where I wanted to be.


He is patient but he is very motivating and will always push you to be better. Even years after my month with him, he still checks on me to make sure I'm still on my grind. Having a trainer who truly cares for your well being and knows what he's doing will make a world of a difference. And in the end, you will have gained a friend and a healthier lifestyle! He is someone I highly recommend.

-Aline N.


Although it's only been a month of being trained by Ken. He is amazing! From his work ethic to his personality in general. I highly recommend him. It's well worth the investment and consistency. Not only am I getting the results but he is also educating me step by step, he's patient and good at explaining the steps and motions each work out consist of.

I am really excited to continue to work with him as He helps me meet my fitness goals!

-Ally P.


I have worked with Ken during my 16 weeks cut following #iifym lifestyle. Ken is a very motivated and knowledgable coach. He will tell you actually what you do well and what you need to work on. He truly cares about your progress. Highly recommended!

-Thuy P.


I had the pleasure of being one of Ken's clients, where he worked with me as my Personal Trainer. Ken is a highly-competent and seasoned Personal Trainer. Throughout our time together he displayed stellar knowledge of fitness and health. He taught me a lot about weight-training and the science that goes behind it. Ken demonstrated assertiveness and devotion when working with me to accomplish my health goals.


He pushed me to strive for my best and to not quit when it got tough. To this day I still acknowledge all of his advises he gave to me. Every time I step foot into the gym, my warmup, my workout routine and my cool-down has all been influenced by Ken. Ken Nguyen has my highest-level of recommendation for any fitness/health related engagements.

-Brandon V.


I trained with Ken for just over a year. I went from being intimidated by the weight room to being able to confidently do a proper bench press. There's no way I would be able to do that without Ken.

He's encouraging and a fantastic teacher. No matter your fitness level, he'll get you beyond where you think you can go. Mainly because he believes you're stronger than you think you are. I wouldn't be at my current level if Ken didn't always say "One more. You got this!"

Training with Ken has been life-changing. Yes, I'm stronger and more fit, but that has translated to being more confident in general. I look forward to our sessions knowing they'll be tough, but he'll make it a fun hour.

If you're looking for a trainer who won't let you give up or cheat yourself a good set, Ken's your guy. I could not recommend him more highly. He's punctual, always available to answer your questions, and creates workouts with your goals in mind.

-Tejal P.


I consider my overall knowledge, understanding of working out and exercising above average as I've played sports all my life. I've been working out consistently for about 4 years. I saw good results in beginning in overall strength, size and mass. Yet I wasn't happy with how I looked without a shirt. I struggled with my nutrition, I wasn't watching what I was eating, I had never tracked my macros before, even though I got stronger and increased in muscle mass, it was all covered by a layer of fat.

I've known Ken for a few years now and I consider him a great friend. He has always been very driven, goal oriented and a hard working individual. I've witness his fitness progression, seeing him go from a skinny guy to being bulky then overweight, to now being shredded and very aesthetic. Seeing that motivated me to hire him as my coach/trainer and guide me for 6 months, I decided it was time to cut down and get lean. He laid out the blueprint for me, from tracking macros, to my workouts and cardio on a weekly basis, we did weekly checkins and discussed how my body was responding to my workouts and nutrition.

I saw how my body slowly transformed from 210 pounds and over 20% bf to now being 182 pounds under 20% bf, I managed to keep my muscle while getting rid of my fat, I look bigger now than what I did 30 pounds heavier. Crazy thing is we are only half way there!

He will kept it real with you and be straight up, he will guide you, help you understand how your body works, responds to diet, and how your metabolism works. Don't expect him to do the work for you, you gotta hold yourself accountable, don't expect to see socking results in 4 weeks, it will take time, but it will be worth it in the long run as you will be able to maintain your gains and you will develop discipline in your nutrition and the gym.

It's up to you to stick to your diet and your workouts, trust me it's not easy, but flexible dieting makes it bearable to do it for a long time, if it was easy everyone would be fit and aesthetic, do it for yourself, build a better version of yourself, trust him and you will see results, I look forward to keep working with him, I highly recommend to hire him as your coach/trainer.

"Nothing worth having comes easy and what comes easy is not worth having."

-Javier S.


The past 12 weeks I have learned so much about my main lifts and overall health lifestyle. Having a hip injury prior to hiring Ken he was very understandable and helpful when I was recovering from my injury. In just 12 weeks I was not only able to get back into my main lifts, but I achieved PRs in all of my lifts. I learned so much about myself as a lifter because I was able to build self confidence both in and out of the gym. Ken is an incredible coach. He is so knowledgeable, hard-working, and dedicated to each and everyone of his clients. I would highly recommend him to anybody and would work with him again. Thank you Ken for everything you're awesome!

-Erin B.


With Ken’s help I have achieved noticeably great results in a very short time. At the beginning he really tries to get a feel for how your body functions and formulates a plan specifically for you. Next he continuously updates it every week based on the results and your goals and guides you in the correct path. He is also extremely knowledgeable in his field and encourages you to ask questions. In today’s world, the internet is full of misleading and false information on nutrition and it takes time to sift through it all. But with Ken, he cuts out all the false information, and teaches you the correct facts. Each program he designs for his clients are different, simple, and easy to follow. He has shown me that I am able to eat the foods that I like and still be able to reach my weekly goals. All in all, Ken has not only helped me learn a lot in the field of nutrition and wellness, but has also shown me the right diet and workout plan that works for me personally. I have made more progress with him in the past 5 months than I ever did on my own for three years. I would highly recommend Ken Nguyen to anyone who is serious about reaching their fitness goals, but is at a loss on how to achieve it.

-Chandika S.

Joe P..png

I've been a client of Ken's for 2 years and I'm still going strong. He has put me on a path where I never thought I would ever walk. Ever since I have been with him I've been more confident, healthy, and more physically active then I ever have. His knowledge of nutrition and the fundamentals of exercise science is astounding and I am constantly learning a lot from him. I have lost well over 60 lbs and I continue to keep him as a personal trainer

-Joe P.

Chris T..png

After hitting a plateau and slump in 2016, but in the summer of 2016, I sought out fitness and nutritional coaching from Ken Nguyen. Although I initially planned on hiring Ken just for the summer, after finishing the initial 12 weeks, I have decided to continue his services, due to the significant progress I have made during these 12 weeks. Having been on and off my diet for several years, I contacted Ken in an effort to put a serious effort to bulk, and put on size and muscle. What I got however, was much more. During the 12 week coaching session, not only has my weight jumped up from 132 lbs to 142, I have maintained relatively low body fat, improved my form on all my lifts, regained my strength and hit personal records on several of my lifts, adopted a consistent and healthy diet, and gain further knowledge about dieting and nutrition.


In the 12 weeks, we would have weekly skype calls to where Ken would assess my diet and critique my lifting form, as well as make adjustments to the diet as he sees fit. While that setup may seem orthodox and used by many, the reason I believe Ken’s coaching ability stands out from most is because Ken is able to push his client to their full potential, while maintaining a sense of realism. By being able to balance both of these things, Ken is able to keep his client’s goals and expectations real, yet high, as long as the client is willing to put in the work. In a sense, he lets us take our time, but not waste our time. Ken’s coaching has exceeded my expectations in many ways, and because of that, I have chosen to continue to work with him, as I am excited to see how much more we can progress and achieve together.

-Chris T.

Steven K..png

I met Ken as a sophomore at the University of Houston and was actually introduced to him through being a player on the club volleyball team that he coached. Ken's charismatic personality and wide skill set, personally led me to strive to become a better me. His influence on and off the court encouraged me to hire him as my personal trainer and I soon became one of his clients in preparation for my powerlifting meet where he both trained and coached me.

At the time, I was an average guy who would go to the gym and had little knowledge of what I was doing. I weighed about 180 lbs. and had to cut weight to make it down to 163 lbs. within 12 weeks. With Ken's guidance, not only did I achieve my goals but I even surpassed it by getting down to below 160 lbs. easily making weight for my powerlifting meet. To this day I still remember everything Ken has taught and advised me on regarding nutrition, exercise technique, and life. Ken has my most genuine recommendation for anything health/fitness/sport related. With Ken's guidance, #YouKenGetFit

-Steven K.

Luan T..png

Ken is an excellent Fitness Manager at the 24 Hour Fitness located in Houston of which I frequent. I became acquainted with Ken since the beginning of January 2017 when I reactivated my membership at 24 Hour Fitness, and in that time he has shown a tremendous amount of passion for fitness, an enjoyable attitude, and also showed how much he really cares about the members that frequent the gym.


What makes Ken special is that he gives his all in everything that he does. He goes the extra mile to help me and other gym members any chance that he gets. Not only has he given me helpful advice on how to perform exercises, but he also has provided me education and knowledge in regards to nutrition and his holistic approach to living a healthier lifestyle. Although I see him tremendously busy at work all of the time, he always seems to make time for me and others who ask and he gives you that feeling of always feeling welcomed.


In addition to his dedicated work ethic, Ken's personality shines whenever I see him at the gym. I frequent the 24 Hour he manages five times a week, and I've always witnessed him assisting or motivating members to continue on their path to a healthier lifestyle. He also never fails to greet people with a vibrant smile or even give out motivational high-fives just because.


Ken has impressed me with his passion for his work, and that is why I decided to sign a contract with him and work with him under his online consultation business, which by no surprise is doing very well for a self-owned, self run business. He really does care about his clients as he always puts his clients' before himself and I have seen him make self sacrifices on his own accord for the betterment and success of his clients. His knowledge and expertise in nutrition & fitness are incomparable, and I've learned a lot since working with Ken and cannot wait for the future with him.


Overall, Ken has an astonishing record of achievements and accomplishments. His selflessness, passion for fitness, and dedication to help others among many other attributes that he possesses is what makes him truly special. I believe that Ken will be successful in anything that he puts his mind into and it's safe to say anyone and everyone who has met him will easily agree with my sentiments.

-Luan T.

Terrance H..png

One of the best decisions I made last year was choosing Ken as my fitness trainer. He has a holistic approach to helping newcomers learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I went through total body transformation because of his leadership. Ken showed that investing in ones personal's health has benefits in the future. Ken is firm but also is understanding when it comes to work life balance and fitness. There were times where I wanted to stop but Ken was pragmatic in setting slow goals that were attainable with my current work schedule. I now have confidence in my ability to maintain my fitness goals and work schedule. He has a wealth of knowledge to share and the communication skills to motivate people. I highly recommend his programming and leadership.

-Terrance B. H.


Having Ken as a Fitness manager has been a great experience so far. He not only cares about his company but he values his employees. His requirements for success are high and he places those same beliefs on his staff as well as his clients. Ken also does a great job of communicating, making sure he is only a phone call or text away. This is why the club is ranked #4 out of hundreds, because Ken knows the value and has placed the standard!

-Shelby R. (Business)


Ken has been a great coach and mentor to everyone he encounters at the gym, including myself. I could not have asked for a better colleague to work and learn from. By being new to the fitness industry there has been a lot of information I was not aware of. However, throughout the time I have work with Ken he has willingly passed along a vast amount of knowledge that has helped me immensely in my career. This information was provided not only as a peer in a work setting but also as one of his clients. Ken has not only positively changed the culture of the fitness department but the gym as a whole. I was particularly impressed by Ken’s ability to successfully build and manage a great team. I have seen this skill to often take years to develop among managers, but it seemed to come perfectly natural to him. Ken would definitely be a valuable asset to any team in the fitness industry. Anyone who provides him with an opportunity to excel in the fitness industry would be lucky to have him.

-Terry M. (Business)


It has been my true pleasure to work as a member of Ken’s team at 24 Hour Fitness. My knowledge base, confidence and skill set have increased through his continued passion to educate and include all team members and clients in their journey to wellness. Ken’s energy, professionalism, and contagious optimism are inspiring and therefore he creates a culture of recognition, validation and education. Through my many years in Sales and management, I am confident in saying that Ken is an incredible asset to lead and develop individuals and teams within any organization.

-Tracy V. (Business)


When I think of Ken, the phrase " Practice what you preach" would certainly come to mind. Over the past 11 months I have had the pleasure of working alongside a not only an aggressively driven and passionately fitness minded individual, but a masterful tactician in rebuilding a long underperforming fitness team. His dedication for his own health, development, and business acumen are traits that he has been able to instill and nurture in his growing team of subordinates. Any leader can change results in the short term, but only true leaders like Ken have the knowledge and ability to change the culture first. With these, he has shown continued success in growing both his teams and his own fitness business. Ken's leader led mentality would be an asset to any team he choses to lead.

-Jeffrey P. (Business)


Ken was a great employee while I was there. He was always there on time with a great attitude. He inspired many to commit to changing their lives for the better through personalized exercise regimens, and nutritional plans. He also had a very loyal following and created a great amount of revenue for the company. My favorite memories of Ken are whe he would jump right in with the client and exercise next to them to keep them moving forward. He has shared his transformation and inspired many other to do the same. Ken thank you for being a leader. I appreciate your hard work.

-Jared S. (Business)


I've been on my fitness journey for about 3.5 years now. I started from the bottom. No knowledge, no experience, no clue what I was doing, etc. I did all the researching, studying, experimenting, learning, etc myself. I would consider myself as a little above average when it comes to fitness. But in this journey, there is always something new to learn every day. Ken and I both have a lot of similarities. We've both been through unhealthy diets, skinny fat cuts, dirty bulks, letting ourselves go, injuries, giving up, disappointments, getting on stage and competing, everything. Which is why I hired him, because he knows exactly how I feel and what I have been through. Him and I are a lot alike, but he went the extra mile unlike myself. He studied more, researched more, experimented more, learned more, got certified and much more. Even though I feel like I have a good amount of knowledge, he had even more.


I hired him and he taught me a lot. He not only helped me become physically better and stronger, but also mentally. I had a few past coaches before. They never replied to texts or took days and weeks to reply. They didn't teach me, they just told me what to do. They didn't even explain why I'm doing it. Ken kept in contact really well. He would text and check up on me and he would reply to texts quickly. Unlike other coaches/trainers, he takes the time to learn your body and also teach you about your own body. He doesn't just tell you what to eat or what to workout, but he explains why you're doing it. The importance and benefits, the science behind it, etc. He is extremely passionate about health and fitness, and wants to help people learn and grow. Unlike other coaches, Ken gave me a lot of carbs and fats. He even gave me carbs at night ;) and he gave me less cardio, yet I was consistently losing weight and body fat. He even came to workout with me to help teach me technique and form, as well as give me tips and help push me.


Overall, I had a really good experience working with Ken. He definitely has come a long way from where he started and has a great amount of knowledge and experience.

-Chris S.


Although I have only been training with Ken for a short few months, but the amount of knowledge and advices that he has taught me is beyond wonderful. In the past, I had working with different trainers before, however, Ken is by far the best coach I’ve worked with. He is very understanding and paying close attentions to his clients needs and concerns .


What amazes me the most is that he is only 24 years old, but yet has his own business, working 70-80 hours a week, going to school for his Master degree, making time for his clients, etc… We’re surely do not find that many driven and goal oriented person nowadays like Ken.


I am very proud to be one of his clients, I am looking forward to work with Ken for a long term. :)

-Ha B.


I am glad to have Ken as my trainer. Ken is an excellent Fitness Manager and Coach at 24 Hour Fitness. I had the opportunity to witness his commitment to excellence and solid work ethic. As one of his clients, Ken has outstanding knowledgeable skills about health and fitness. He is a charismatic, ambitious, considerate, great motivator and career oriented person. Ken can successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. This trait was noticeable during our first few months of training; I was very impressed with his work.


Moreover, during my training sessions he ensured success by demonstrating leadership abilities that he is admired and respected. Ken has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages. His ability to connect with his clients and his talent at ensuring he treats all individuals with dignity and respect are truly superior. He has excellent written and verbal communication skills, extremely reliable and computer literate.


Ken can work independently with the ability to follow through and ensure that the job gets done. He accomplishes these tasks with great initiative and with a very positive attitude. I know with all confidence that he will do an outstanding job wherever he goes. I recommend Mr. Nguyen to you without reservation.

-Tynna N.


I have been training for years without a program or structure and was thrilled to be able to have Ken as a coach to improve my fitness journey. Working with Ken has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself not only physically but mentally as well. With Ken’s guidance, I was not only able to make huge progress and improvements in the gym with my strength and physique goals, but I was also able to gain a better knowledge on food and nutrition and change my entire mindset in that area of my life. Ken is an incredibly knowledgeable coach and was able to work around my situation of having very limited equipment. I would recommend him as a coach because he is someone who will push you and encourage you and guide you in the right direction whole heartedly. His work ethic cannot be matched and I had the absolute honor to be coached by him!

-Rachel O.


I've been strength training for over five years and plateaued about two years ago. I've spent $100s on different programs, hoping that they would help me overcome that plateau and give me something new and challenging, but all of them lacked the same thing - careful customization to my body type, fitness level, and goals.


Ken paid attention to all of these things. He was super responsive whenever I had questions and adapted quickly when I wanted to try new types of training, like HIIT and circuit training. Ken has a wealth of knowledge that he's always willing to share and I can trust him to guide me into new workout challenges and PRs.


Even though I've trained with Ken for only a month now, I'm extremely impressed that I can see differences in both my strength and aesthetics. It has been a wonderful time investment into the YKGF program - my only regret is not starting sooner! Ken's burning passion in fitness and health is unmatched - I highly recommend him as a trainer!!!

-Rana L.

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